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Contents of volume 37


Medicine \ 5

Grinshtein, Mark M. (Israel) "Patch" for DNA \ 5

Grinshtein, Mark M. (Israel) Why humans become old \ 10

Pugach, Sergey (USA) From a distance succesfull complete recoveries from diabetes: another example of the tremendous possibilities of homeopathy in conjunction with radiesthesy \ 15

Physics and Astronomy \ 22

Krasnov, Victor D. (Russia) Comprehensive law of motion of objects in planetary type systems \ 22

Smirnov, Andrey N. (Russia) Spacetime and matter as emergent phenomena, theory of Everything \ 32

Etkin, Valery A. (Israel). New methodological principles of nonequilibrium thermodynamics \ 72

Etkin, Valery A. (Israel). Principle of non-equilibrium processes counter directivity \ 86

Khmelnik, Solomon I. (Israel) Invertibility Solution of Maxwell's Equations \ 90

Energetic \ 198

Kornaraki A.V. (Ukraine), Bagirova E.A. (Ukraine), Strelkin A.G. (Russia) Project Solar Plex. Solar module New Generation. \ 187

Authors \ 204


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