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Contents of volume 28

Biology \ 5

Gershman Yakov H. (Israel) A simple way to determine the sex of one-day poultry chickens (basic principles) \ 5

Gershman Yakov H. (Israel) Increasing quality of separation of shelled peanuts by X-rays and IR technologies \ 17

Zamaliev Pavel S. (Russia) The simplest formulas of natural selection \ 21

Computer Engineering \ 25

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Computer for operations with functions \ 25

Geology \ 35

Vilshanski Alexander N. (Israel) Boiling Earth About possible cause of earthquakes \ 35

Physics and Astronomy \ 42

Eckardt Horst (Germany), Felker Laurence G. (US). Einstein, Cartan and Evans Start of a New Age in Physics? \ 42

Etkin Valery A. (Israel). About material equilibrium \ 54

Etkin Valery A. (Israel). From Thermostatics to the Thermokinetics \ 63

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) GTR and Perpetuum Mobile Rehabilitation \ 82 .

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) More on Experimental Clarification of Maxwell-similar Gravitation Equations / 104

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) To the Question of Intranuclear Forces / 125

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Unsupported Motion Without Violating the Laws of Physics \ 133

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Lorentz Force, Ampere Force and Momentum Conservation Law Quantitative. Analysis and Corollaries. \ 145

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Khmelnik Force \ 153

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Invertibility Principle in Faraday Unipolar Machines \ 160

Korchazhkin Sergey V. (Russia) On Synchronization of Clocks in the Inertial Coordinate Systems \ 167

ADS \ 180

Khmelnik Solomon I. (Israel) Flying Crane \ 180

Authors \ 185

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