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Contents of volume 22

Electrical Engineering \ 5

Khmelnik S.I. (Israel). The Calculation of electric direct current circuits with diodes \ 5

Hydrodynamics \ 14

Khmelnik S.I. (Israel). The Emergence Mechanism and Calculation Method of Turbulent Flows \ 14

Physics and Astronomy \ 28

Elkin I.A. (Russia) Model of Inertia and Gravitating Mass. Mechanism of Gravitation. \ 28

Elkin I.A. (Russia) The causes of the contraction in the direction of motion. Metric of Universe. The Causes of Red Shift. \ 35

Katyshev A. (Israel). The unified field and interaction \ 47

Khmelnik S.I. (Israel). To the Theory of Perpetual Motion Holder / 66

Khmelnik S.I. (Israel). Experimental Clarification of Maxwell-similar Gravitation Equations \ 74

Samokhvalov V.N. (Russia) Dynamic Interaction of Rotating Imbalanced Masses in Vacuum \ 93

Samokhvalov V.N. (Russia) Research of  Force Effects During Mass-dynamic Interaction in Vacuum \ 101

Samokhvalov V.N. (Russia) Measurement of  Force Effects During Mass-dynamic Interaction \ 111

Zhmud’ A.A. (Russia) The Nucleons Birth – is the Energy source of Stars and the Sun \ 123

Authors \ 127


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